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Pet Care
How to take care of your dog during summer ?

The heat of the summer months affects the dogs as much as it affects us humans. Here are some pet care tips to combat the evils of summer:

1. During summer months make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh cool water at all hours of the day since your companion will need that to get past the hot summer months.

2. During these months be prepared to witness a drop in your dog’s appetite. Do consult your vet for the best diet for your dog in summer.

3. If you companion travels with you in your car then be sure to never leave him behind in a parked car.

4. Cut down on your dog’s exercise in the summer months and limit his outdoor activities to the cooler hours of the day such as in the evenings.

5. It is common for dogs to pant more than usual during summer months since they take up this method to cool off. However be on the lookout for excessive panting since it may be a sign of a heat stroke.

6. Unlike humans, dogs mustn’t be bathed too regularly in the summer months since it may lead to dry skin. While bathing your dog be sure to use only dog specific shampoos.

7. Heartworms and skin infections: Beware of heartworms that are common during hot months and are spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. During summer months your dog must be on heartworm preventive medication prescribed by your vet. Also steer clear of fleas, bugs and insects and consult your vet immediately if you find your companion is scratching more than usual or suffering from hair loss or raw skin since skin infections are common in summer months.

How to take care of your dog during monsoon ?

To ensure a healthy and happy monsoon for your pet follow the useful tips below:

1. Handle the fur with care – During monsoon months it is very common for your dog’s fur to get wet. Wet fur can lead to bad smell, skin infections and many other problems so be sure to dry it off immediately. Be sure to dab medicated talc and deodorants on the fur so that your companion can feel fresh all throughout the rainy months. You must also be religious about your dog’s trims during these months.

2. Ears and Paws are the most infection prone regions. Clean the ears regularly with cotton swabs and clean the foot pads with lukewarm water mixed with anti-septic liquid.

3. Taking your dog out for walks is going to be difficult during the monsoon months so arrange for his play activities indoors. For example, you can make him go up and down the stairs to meet his quota of daily exercise.

4. Diet: During monsoon months include fiber rich foods such as bananas in your dog’s diet. Avoid dairy products. It is advisable to feed your dog packaged food instead of outside meat or chicken during monsoon since dogs suffer from gastroenteritis and many other viral infections during these months and it is best to keep them away from outside meat which is not always fresh and might be contaminated.

5. Look out for storm anxiety. During monsoon months even the bravest of dogs might suffer from the storm anxiety syndrome due to thunder and lighting. Symptoms of the same might range from severe shaking, hiding, biting and excessive chewing. Give them anti anxiety drugs when you notice symptoms but most importantly give them your extra care and love.

How to take care of your dog during winter ?

Follow the following winter specific tips for an easy winter for your pet:

1. Pets that are made to sleep on cold floors during winters go through a lot of suffering. Make sure your dog has a warm spot for sleeping that is made warm by blankets and cushions. You can also purchase an electric bed for the dog to lie on.

2. Dogs with short or groomed hair shy away from going outdoors during winters because of the winter chill. Purchase sweaters for your dogs so that they can feel warm and confident enough to go outdoors.

3. A lot of dogs suffer from cracked paw pads in cold months. It is best to purchase dog boats to safely cover the paws to prevent the cracking from taking place.

4. Increase the protein content of your dog’s diet. Protein rich diet helps the dog in maintaining his body temperature in colder months.

Vaccination is the most important aspect of Pet Care. Make sure that your dog is vaccinated against the following diseases:

1. Parvovirus – a highly contagious viral gastroenteritis. Depression, loss of appetite, severe vomiting and diarrhea are some of the symptoms. Death can occur very quickly.

2. Distemper – a highly contagious disease producing symptoms such as conjunctivitis, nasal discharge, convulsive seizures and spinal cord damage. Treatment is often ineffective.

3. Hepatitis – it can cause sudden death in puppies whilst adult dogs can experience, weakness, fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite and bleeding.

4. Canine Cough – a complex disease caused by bacterium and a virus. Affected dogs will have a hacking cough persisting for weeks. In case of puppies and old dogs the disease can be devastating.

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Pet Care
The heat of the summer months affects the dogs as much as it affects us humans. Here are some pet care tips to combat the evils of summer.
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