All of our work – all the rescues, the campaigns that change lives – the only reason any of it is possible is because of your support.
Our Works

In the last three years that DRF has been in vogue, we have managed to make our mark in the field of animal welfare. Have a look at some important works that DRF is proud to has been a part of:-

Our awareness projects:

Project Karuna – In association with the Prabha Khaitan Foundation, DRF organized a rally on Saturday, the 6th February 2010 starting from Victoria Memorial to Mohor Kunj. This rally was attended by some eminent citizens of Kolkata; many of whom were known faces of the Government and the Tollywood Film industry. The aim of this rally was to highlight the awareness of the civil society for practicing care and kindness to the stray and abandoned animals.

A discussion forum was organized by DRF at the South City Mall on Saturday, the 10th of July 2011 with the purpose of shedding light upon the cruelty that some of the stray animals are targeted with. Apart from this the audience was also furnished with valuable ideals on pet care along with a discourse on how important it is. This forum was a huge hit and was attended by some of the who’s who of Kolkata. Eminent artists and school children formed a major part of the audience.

The powerful impact of a well made poster is known to all! With this very thought in mind, DRF arranged for a city wide poster campaign that was led by none other than Debasree Roy herself. The aim of this Poster campaign was to inform people about the pitiable state of the stray animals and garner care and support from them.

Vaccination camps - DRF knows the importance of vaccinations and the role it plays in ensuring a healthy disease free life for animals. This is why vaccination camps have been our top most priority. Ever since we started we have organized three vaccination camps in different locations of Kolkata. Eminent veterinary professionals presided over all three of these camps and lots of homeless dogs were vaccinated. Through these camps DRF has managed to form valuable connections with lots of people and also showed the importance of vaccination to many pet owners. We are thankful to Moitrayee Veterinary Clinic for its help in making these camps a success.

Project Fund Raising - As everyone knows..DRF is wholly committed and devoted to animal welfare. Our Managing Trustee Ms. Debasree Roy designs sarees herself and holds exhibitions at various places for sale. The profit generated from this, goes to her foundation. The sarees are also sold from our office in Gariahat.
Celebrity Supporters
DRF has been able to garner support from all across the city, especially from Tollywood. Some of the most known...
Pet Care
The heat of the summer months affects the dogs as much as it affects us humans. Here are some pet care tips to combat the evils of summer.
''A dog is the only thing on earth that lovesyou more than he loves himself."

— Josh Billings
Latest News
5 April, 2013
DRF feels that awareness against en evil is the first step towards its eradication which is why we are planning to organize yet another awareness camp against animal cruelty on Sunday. The 7th of July 2013 at Behala Shakuntala Park. Keep checking our website for more information.
KOLKATA, India—Veteran actress and MLA Debasree Roy spoke out against cosmetics animal testing at a
The city might soon have its first helpline to fight cruelty against animals with the Kolkata Police
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