All of our work – all the rescues, the campaigns that change lives – the only reason any of it is possible is because of your support.

Debasree Roy Foundation has been the organizer of a number of events which are very close to its heart:

? Saree Exhibition May 2014 ( Organize by DRF )
“The purpose of doing this exhibition is to raise funds for Debasree Roy Foundation"

? Mehtaab:

Debasree Roy Foundation and Curator Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya joined hands to organize a solo exhibition of some exquisite paintings by the renowned painter Mehtaab at ICCR, Bengal Art Gallery. This event that stretched from 20th March to 25th March 2013 was conceived in order to collect funds to protect animals. The exhibition was inaugurated Mr. Dean Thomposn, Consul General, United States of America and attended by the likes of Debojyoti Mishra, Swapan Debnath, Dibyojyoti Basu and so on. Needless to say, the event was a grand success!

? We and Our Friends:

“We and Our Friends” was a one of a kind group show of art from the states of Bengal, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The event was organized by DRF in collaboration with Gallery “Time and Space” and it went on from the 19th July to 22nd July 2012 in Bangalore. This art show has been one of the best fund-raisers organized by DRF till date!

Celebrity Supporters
DRF has been able to garner support from all across the city, especially from Tollywood. Some of the most known...
Pet Care
The heat of the summer months affects the dogs as much as it affects us humans. Here are some pet care tips to combat the evils of summer.
''A dog is the only thing on earth that lovesyou more than he loves himself."

— Josh Billings
Latest News
5 April, 2013
DRF feels that awareness against en evil is the first step towards its eradication which is why we are planning to organize yet another awareness camp against animal cruelty on Sunday. The 7th of July 2013 at Behala Shakuntala Park. Keep checking our website for more information.
KOLKATA, India—Veteran actress and MLA Debasree Roy spoke out against cosmetics animal testing at a
The city might soon have its first helpline to fight cruelty against animals with the Kolkata Police
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