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About DRF

Debasree Roy Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Kolkata that has been working for the cause of stray animals since 2009 and striving to make this world a better place for them in all ways possible. This non government organization is the brainchild of veteran actress Debasree Roy whose undying compassion for animals is nothing short of an inspiration in today’s time when the animals suffer irrevocably due to neglect and cruelty.

DRF aspires to establish a harmonious co-relation between humans and animals and bring them closer to one another through its comprehensive adoption programs and awareness camps against animal cruelty. Due to its exemplary work of three years focused on the betterment of stray animals, especially dogs, Debasree Roy Foundation has now become a name that is synonymous with animal welfare! Through its efforts and services this organization has managed to purport health and well being for not only the animals but humans as well since a lot gets reflected upon our standard of life by the way we treat animals. This organization seeks to send out the message that by looking after animals we not only help them but help ourselves by uplifting our living conditions, health, economy and the environment that surrounds us!

A believer in the philosophy of “one animal homed is one animal off the streets”, Debasree Roy Foundation works hard to rescue injured and sick dogs and put them in good homes through adoption. One of its main goals is to ensure that the animals on the streets are healthy and vaccinated. DRF invites you to join and hands in this noble venture through active donation or by becoming a volunteer. Every step that we take towards the direction of animal welfare can make a difference.
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Celebrity Supporters
DRF has been able to garner support from all across the city, especially from Tollywood. Some of the most known...
Pet Care
The heat of the summer months affects the dogs as much as it affects us humans. Here are some pet care tips to combat the evils of summer.
''A dog is the only thing on earth that lovesyou more than he loves himself."

— Josh Billings
Latest News
5 April, 2013
DRF feels that awareness against en evil is the first step towards its eradication which is why we are planning to organize yet another awareness camp against animal cruelty on Sunday. The 7th of July 2013 at Behala Shakuntala Park. Keep checking our website for more information.
KOLKATA, India—Veteran actress and MLA Debasree Roy spoke out against cosmetics animal testing at a
The city might soon have its first helpline to fight cruelty against animals with the Kolkata Police
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